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Viva Los Hoyas: Men's Soccer in Spain

March 8, 2012

Barcelona Photo Gallery

BARCELONA, Spain - In the morning on Day 4, we drove up the mountains to tour the Montserrat Monastery, which was an amazing site. At the peak, you could see snow capped mountains on one side, and the ocean on the other.

Afterwards, we trained at a turf field in downtown Barcelona. People walking by on the street would stop and watch us train, which was pretty cool.

Later in the day we went on a tour to another Gaudi structure in an area of downtown Barcelona. Part of the roof was open creating a courtyard and providing natural lighting for the house. The architecture blew our minds.

To end the day, we relaxed in our rooms to get some good rest for our first game.

The next day, we finally played our first game against Terrassa, a League 3 professional Spanish team.

Unfortunately, we lost the game, 1-0, but played pretty well for our first real spring game. Terrassa scored a brilliant late goal that put them up one.

Immediately following the game, we went to Barcelona's Champions League game against Bayern Leverkusen.

We could not have picked a better game to attend. We got to see a record-breaking performance from Lionel Messi, as he scored five goals to help his team win, 7-1. Messi's five goals were the most goals scored in a single Champions League game, and we witnessed it.

Tomorrow night at 9 p.m., we play our last match of the trip against another League 3 Spanish team under the lights.

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