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Hoya Lightweights Contest Class of 2004 Cup, Fall to Radcliffe

The lightweight women's rowing team was also in action this weekend, opening their dual season on Boston's Charles River against Radcliffe. "More than half of our team is comprised of freshman, so we have to manage our expectations and understand that every race is also a learning opportunity. With that in mind, and despite less-than-ideal results, there were positive aspects to what we achieved on Saturday," said Head Coach Hank Zimmerman.

Racing began on an eventful note, as Radcliffe's Second Varsity 8 and Novice 8 crews faced off against Georgetown's Second Varsity. "Depending on who you ask, there was either a convergence of the 2V8 hulls or a technical error that led to a boat stopping crab about one-hundred meters into the race," said lightweight assistant coach Jimmy Newcombe. "In any event, racing was restarted and we were able to put together a relatively solid piece. The ensuing battle for second between our crew and the Radcliffe novices will prove a hugely valuable experience for girls like six seat Julia Butz '15, who made some huge strides in her collegiate rowing debut. I was particularly happy that, despite being rattled from the earlier incident, the boat was able to improve composure throughout the race, and then increase hull speed in the last quarter to solidify their second place."

The first varsity race began without incident, but the Hoyas were roundly outmatched against Radcliffe's top eight. "We are happy for the exposure to a very deep Radcliffe program, and look forward to continuing racing next weekend at the Knecht Cup in Camden," concluded Coach Zimmerman.


V8: Coxswain Maggie Rush, stroke Clare Southern, Kayla McNeill, Lindsey Shea, Sarah Arcos, Erin Landy, Catherine Sandstrom, Ruthie Speidel, Miyu Fujita

2V8: Coxswain Claire Raskob, stroke Katie McGowan, Kate Finnerty, Julia Butz, Kayla McNeill, Vicky Stutz, Emily Fink, Shannon Galvin, Alycia Craven

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