Hoyas Visit Templeton Elementary to Promote Education

Oct. 4, 2013

WASHINGTON - Three Georgetown student-athletes, including junior football players Javan Robinson and Wardell Crutchfield III and field hockey freshman Aliyah Graves, visited Templeton Elementary in Riverdale, Md. on Friday afternoon to speak to third, fourth and fifth grade students about the value of a college education.

Templeton Elementary, a school that has the highest refugee rate for elementary schools in the county, teaches around 760 children from prekindergarten to fifth grade. Recently, Templeton has been promoting colleges and universities from around the country in order for their students to learn about the importance of higher-education at a young age.

As part of their college promotion, banners from colleges from around the country hung from the ceilings in the hallway as a constant reminder to their young students what they are ultimately working towards, a college education. Georgetown's banner hung at the front entrance of the school, which led directly to the cafeteria, which is where the student-athletes got a chance to speak to the third to fifth grade students.

Some of the elementary students wanted to know some basic things about college, such as where the student-athletes lived or where they ate. Robinson, a defensive back and Carrollton, Texas native, explained what dorm-style living is like. Crutchfield, a linebacker from Pomona, Calif., talked about meal plans; giving the students a slight preview of the social side of college for these students to look forward to in eight to ten years.

Templeton students spoke one-on-one with the student-athletes. Graves, who is currently enrolled in a Spanish course at Georgetown, spoke Spanish with a young, third grade girl about her life at college. Templeton Elementary has over 27 languages present at their school of 760-plus students; English as a Second Language (ESL) is available at every grade level.

Crutchfield asked the fourth and fifth graders, who had a separate lunch session from the third graders, about how many of them wanted to go to college. All of their hands shot into the air. Robinson chimed in saying, as he pointed at the teachers who were wearing their college alumni sweatshirts, "The teachers around you are there to help you along your way and to get good grades. My teachers are the reason I got to college. You have to listen to them."

For the students at Templeton Elementary, it was a day to get advice from current student-athletes. For Georgetown's student-athletes, it was a time to share some of the great experiences that they have had on and off the field during their time at Georgetown.

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