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Georgetown Women's Basketball Announces BEETS by Georgetown Promotion

Dec. 16, 2015

WASHINGTON - Georgetown women’s basketball has announced its follow-up promotion to last season’s Hail to Kale Night, by introducing BEETS by Georgetown on Sunday, January 17 at noon when the Hoyas host Seton Hall University. The first 100 fans in attendance will receive free beets donated by Georgetown Dining. Anyone who can pick a beet out of a vegetable/root line-up upon entry will get into the game for free. The game will also feature a beet-boxing contest at halftime, a beet juice chugging contest, beet-themed trivia and some other special surprises.

Beets are no longer just reserved for your grandma’s salads, and questionable smoothies from your local organic market. Beets are now at the forefront of America’s new healthy-eating craze.

Beets had a meteoric rise to popularity in 1991 when a band with the same name debuted on the famous Nickelodeon TV show, Doug. With hits like Killer Tofu and I Need More Allowance, beets became more than just a tasty addition to salads, it became a way of life.

Beets once again received a boost of national attention when Dwight Schrute, owner of a 60-acre beet farm in Eastern Pennsylvania, rose to prominence with a starring role on NBC’s The Office. While selling beets to local stores, restaurants and roadside beet stands, Schrute used the spotlight to promote the health benefits of beets to the American public.

This is the second season of a food-themed giveaway at a women’s basketball game, with the Hoyas receiving national attention for their Hail to Kale promotion. News outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, the Washington Post and USA Today picked up the story, and First Lady Michelle Obama mentioned the promotion in a speech highlighting the changing food culture in the United States.

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