Men's Rowing

Men's Rowing Competes at Eastern Sprints

May 18, 2016

WASHINGTON - The Georgetown University men's rowing team sent both its heavyweight and lightweight squads to the 2016 Easter Sprints Regatta this past Sunday to compete against the best collegiate crews in the country. Racing, which consisted of 2,000-meter races, took place on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass.

Georgetown's varsity 8+ first had to race in one of three, six-lane morning heats. In a tough heat lineup, the Hoyas finished sixth with a time of 6:04.423. They advanced to the third final where they improved their time by nine seconds, placing fourth in 5:55.516, ahead of both MIT and Rutgers. The Blue & Gray was just two seconds behind Holy Cross and less than 11 seconds behind first-place Navy.

GU's second varsity 8+ placed fifth in their race with a time of 6:12.054, also qualifying for the third final. In the afternoon race, Georgetown improved its time by more than 12 seconds, eclipsing the six-minute mark at 5:59.795, placing third behind George Washington and Columbia.

The third varsity 8+ struggled in its morning heat, finishing fifth out of five entries in a time of 6:36.428. In their third final, the Hoyas continued the trend of improving their time, shaving 12 seconds from the morning, crossing the finish line in 6:24.189 to place second, edging out the boat from Rutgers by just 1.5 seconds.

Georgetown's top varsity 8+ placed fifth in its opening heat, completing the course in 6:21.077. In the petite final, the Hoyas took 16 seconds off their morning time, crossing the finish line in 6:05.211 to take third place. The Blue & Gray was less than three seconds behind Dartmouth and less than seven seconds behind first-place Harvard.

The second varsity 8+ for the Hoyas just missed on advancing to the grand final, placing fourth in their qualifying heat with a time of 6:27.657. They showed the greatest improvement of all GU boats in their petite final, taking 20 seconds off their earlier time, clocking 6:07.964 to finish second behind only Penn.

The Blue & Gray also just missed qualifying for the grand final in the third varsity 8+, finishing fourth with a time of 6:41.443. In the petite final, the Hoyas finished in 6:29.905 to take second place behind only Columbia.

Georgetown will wrap up the season when it sends its lightweight varsity 4+ to the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) National Championships, June 3-5, on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J.

Heavyweight Varsity 8+
Coxswain: James Shearman (Ellicott City, Md./Mt. Hebron)
8. Hayden Pascal (Greenwich, Conn./Taft School)
7. Jimmy McDermott (Wayne, Pa./Conestoga)
6. Graham Miller (Greenwich, Conn./Brunswick)
5. Chris Cacace (Yonkers, N.Y./Hackley School)
4. Bram Ouweleen (Evaston, Ill./Evaston Township)
3. Liam Carty (Glen Ellyn, Ill./Taft School)
2. John Carroll (Bronxville, N.Y./Fordham Prep)
1. Robert Danziger (Lincoln, Mass./Belmont Hill)

Heavyweight Second Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Emma Lux (Valencia, Calif./The Taft School)
8. Vaughan Merrick (Greenwich, Conn./Greenwich)
7. Ray Dunn (Harvard, Mass./The Groton School)
6. Sean Barry (Vero Beach, Fla./Saint Edwards)
5. Carson Yates (Oklahoma City, Okla./Heritage Hall)
4. Bryan Renslo (Palos Verdes, Calif./Chadwick)
3. Nakul Makkad (Fullerton, Calif./Fairmont Prep)
2. Ethan Rosen (North Salem, N.Y./Peddie School)
1. Mike Lewers (Wayne, Pa./Malvern Prep)

Heavyweight Third Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Colette Gilner (Sandy Springs, Md./Stone Ridge)
8. Sam Thacher
7. Joshua Gatcke (Jordan Stanton, Ontario/Ridley College/Shawnigan Lake School)
6. Francesco Ambrosio (Naples, Italy/Liceo Scientifico Sacro Cuore)
5. Matthew Fritschen (Denver, Colo./Denver School of Arts)
4. Alex Blackwood (Chatham, N.J./Lawrenceville School)
3. Emmett Orts (Philadelphia, Pa./Friends Select)
2. Aiden McAleer (Riverside, Conn./Taft School)
1. Tom Walker (Chestnut Hill, Pa./LaSalle)

Lightweight Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Leigh Miron (Chicago, Ill./New Trier)
8. Theodor Wiik (Oslo, Norway/Foss Videregaende Skole)
7. Hector Formoso-Murias (Key Biscayne, Fla./Belen Jesuit Prep)
6. Thomas Brzozowski (Cleveland, Ohio/St. Ignatius)
5. Kevin McGowan (Bowie, Md./Gonzaga HS)
4. Luke Prioleau (Palo Alto, Calif./Palo Alto)
3. Paul Wrenn (Jacksonville, Fla./Stanton College Prep)
2. Peter Mangan (Buffalo, N.Y./Canisius HS)
Bow: Artym Hayda (Providence, R.I./The Wheeler School)

Lightweight Second Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Robert Papel (Nashville, Tenn./Montgomery Bell Academy)
8. Jack Sardinia (Hamburg, N.Y./Canisius HS)
7. Joe Cecil (Alpharetta, Ga./Johns Creek)
6. Kiefer Mueller (Rye, N.Y./Rye)
5. Tyler Little (North Wales/LaSalle College HS)
4. Chris Graff (El Dorado Hills, Calif./Jesuit)
3. Conor McCarrick (Valhalla, N.Y./Fordham Prep)
2. William Mangan (Buffalo, N.Y./Canisius HS)
Bow: Jordi Perez (Dallas, Texas/Jesuit Dallas)

Lightweight Third Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Maxwell Menard (Holden, Mass./St. John's HS)
8. Jake Lockwood
7. Jefferson Xu
6. Diego Blandon (Andover, Mass.)
5. Jack Price (Watchung, N.J./Delbarton)
4. John Matthews (Murrysville, Pa./Franklin Regional)
3. Thomas Stubna (Chicago, Ill./Lincoln Park)
2. Brendan Fish (New Hope, Pa./Lawrenceville School)
Bow: Matthew Jasko (Rutherford, N.J./Saint Peter's Prep)

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