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Woodard Spends the Summer at NBC Studios

June 27, 2016

WASHINGTON - Throughout the summer, members of the Georgetown University women's basketball team will be sharing their experiences away from the Hilltop. Senior Faith Woodard is interning at NBC Studios as she looks to pursue a broadcast career after graduation.

"Lights, camera, action!"

These were the words I told myself as I pushed my way through the revolving doors at NBC Studios to begin my first day of work as an NBC summer intern.

Like most interns, I was extremely early for my first day!

Anxious, apprehensive, yet dressed to impress, I stood in the middle of NBC Studios surrounded by "New York's Finest." Business suits and briefcases swarmed all about me as I stood in the middle of the lobby trying to locate the elevator to my floor. As I scanned the lobby, the faces of legendary NBC anchors were plastered on every wall. The floors even had NBC peacocks on every square inch of the wood and carpet.

As I looked up in search of direction, NBC employees zoomed past me, whipping their badges out of their briefcases and purses in almost the very same step.

"Excuse me," I wanted to say.

"Can anyone help me?" I thought to ask.

Everyone was moving so quickly; everything was a big giant blur. In a matter of seconds, I was one truly overwhelmed intern.

Suddenly, my journalistic alter ego kicked in.

"This is what you've been waiting for. You were born to do this," the voice reassured me.

Instantly, it was as if someone turned on my confidence switch. Right away, the room stopped spinning, resolve took the place of anxiety, and the faces of Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers on the walls of NBC seemed welcoming. Determined to succeed, I followed the wise words of my alter ego and fell into step with the rest of the NBC multitude.

"You can do this," I reminded myself. "It's Showtime!"

With that, I zeroed in on the nearest elevator and stepped inside. As the elevator doors parted, there stood the iconic Tom Brokaw. I haven't looked back since!

Check back to GUHoyas.com throughout the summer for more entries from Woodard and her teammates as they make plans for next year's basketball season and beyond.

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