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Swimming & Diving Winter Trip Update – Carrie Bonfield

WASHINGTON – The Georgetown University swimming & diving team is currently in Puerto Rico for its annual winter training trip. Throughout the Hoyas' week-long stay, GUHoyas.com will receive updates from members of the team. Today's update is from senior Carrie Bonfield (Skillman, N.J. / The Pennington School).
During the last few days of our training trip, the coaches asked us to dig deep into ourselves and rise to the challenge of some very hard practices. Despite our soreness from an already grueling week, we rose to the challenge with an equal amount of enthusiasm. Broken miles and sets of 100's threshold were finished with smiles and high fives all around. Speaking for the distance swimmers specifically, I don't think I have ever swam with a group of more positive and encouraging people in my swimming career.
Following our hard practices we continued our time in Puerto Rico with some fun. Junior Jack Reichert organized a trip to the Bioluminescent Bay for some of the team on Saturday night and on Sunday we had another fun afternoon off. I spent my off time like most of the others at the beach and by the hotel pool trying to return with some semblance of a tan. Monday we continued with a hard practice of doubles but were rewarded in the afternoon with some fun 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' relays to cap off our practice. The junior and senior men went against the freshman and sophomore men, and quickly the underclassmen team won. The senior and junior women (with the addition of two freshman ladies) and the sophomore and freshman ladies also faced off against each other. However, our two teams went back forth so much that we never ended up coming to a conclusion and left it in a tie.
Finally, it was Tuesday morning and our last day in Puerto Rico. We wrapped our last practice up with some fast 100's off the blocks and then the ceremonial senior sendoff of the 10-meter jump. As tradition, each year after the last practice on training trip, the seniors jump off the 10m diving platform as a symbol of their completion of their time on training trips. This year, as a senior, I got to jump off. I was so excited to jump I could hardly wait until the last practice. This right of passage meant so much to me that I completely forgot how high up 10 meters was. But oh boy I remembered when I got up there. Senior after senior jumped off until it was my turn. Looking down, the pool seemed miles away but with only a little hesitation, I jumped. It was the best feeling to surface from that jump knowing I did it. I made it through my last training trip as a senior and had the time of my life. To cap it all off, we even got strength & conditioning coach Matt Gould and assistant coach Drew Peterson to jump off too. With that, training trip came to a close and we headed back to DC to get ready for some fast swimming this weekend against GW and American.
Go Hoyas!
- Carrie
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