Academic Support for Georgetown Student-Athletes

Georgetown University is committed to providing academic support for all students and to integrating students with disabilities as fully as possible into all aspects of University life.

The Academic Resource Center fulfills this mission by providing:

  • assistance in many skills areas necessary for academic achievement through individual consultations or workshops;
  • accommodations to students with disabilities under the ADA and Section 504;
  • facilities and support services to help ensure equal opportunity for students with disabilities.

The Jesuit value of cura personalis, "care of the whole person," represents the mission of Georgetown University. The Academic Resource Center upholds this value in carrying out its mission to meet the various needs of the students.

Additional Academic Resources at Georgetown

Academic Coordinators for Student-Athletes

Shelly K. Habel, Ph.D.
Associate Director of the Academic Resource Center for Student-Athlete Services
Telephone: 202-687-9177

  • Works with student athletes, coaches, faculty and deans to ensure academic success.
  • Assists student athletes with planning, academic and life skills instruction and monitors their progress.
  • Develops programming and schedules academic workshops.

Adam Polacek
Academic Coordinator for Student-Athletes-Women's Basketball
Phone: 202-687-2034

Debra Martin
Academic Advisor-Men's Basketball

Faculty Athletics Representative:

The Faculty Athletics Representative can also provide valuable assistance to student-athletes. Georgetown's Faculty Athletics Representative is:
Scott Taylor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Director, African Studies Program
305 M ICC

Dean's Offices:

Georgetown College: 303 ICC (freshmen & sophomores)/687-6045
McDonough School of Business: Rafik B. Hariri Building/687-2693
School of Nursing & Health Studies: St. Mary's, 2nd Floor/687-7114
Walsh School of Foreign Service: 301 ICC/ 687-5696

When You Should Come to the Dean's Office:

Beginning of semester (before end of Add/Drop): When you need:

  • help getting a full schedule of classes
  • concerns about appropriateness of a course(s)
  • a dean's signature for a course that requires a paper add/drop slip
  • approval to take 6 classes in a semester (for sophomore year and later)
  • to arrange an independent study/tutorial with a professor (for sophomore year and later)
  • to take a course pass/fail or audit (for sophomore year and later)
  • approval for service-learning credit
  • approval for a consortium course

Throughout the semester: When you have/need:

  • introduce yourself to your dean
  • concern about a course
  • questions about graduation requirements/degree audit in student access+
  • to set up a meeting with your dean to discuss long-term academic planning
  • advice on academic success strategies
  • advice on personal issues that may be affecting you academic progress
  • to miss a class because you are sick - contact your dean and professor(s)
  • information on campus resources
  • questions about your AP, IB, International exams, transfer credit
  • approval for summer school courses, either away from or at Georgetown
  • approved transfer credit from another institution that is not on your transcript
  • to find out your class rank
  • letters of reference for academic programs
  • approval for your study abroad study proposal
  • to declare or change a major or minor
  • advice on pre-professional planning (ex., Medical/Business/Law School)
  • share good news
  • to request an academic, medical or personal leave of absence
  • to withdraw from a class
  • an exception to any deadlines due to unusual circumstances
  • information on Mentors Program, Parents Weekend, Junior Achievement and Student Advisor Program
  • to apply for Internal Transfer to another school at Georgetown

End of semester: When you need:

  • to file an incomplete in a class
  • to arrange to take an exam during the conflict exam time
  • to discuss summer plans