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Postgame Quotes: Georgetown vs. Seton Hall

Feb. 22, 2012

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Seton Hall vs. Georgetown
February 21, 2012
Seton Hall (73), Georgetown (55)

Head Coach John Thompson III

Game thoughts:
"They played a terrific game. Jordan Theodore (#1) played one of the best games that I've seen him play all year. To tell you the truth he didn't make any mistakes and I'm not just talking about the shots he made. He totally controlled everything, and tonight we just didn't have any answers for him tonight."

"They played very well and there are a lot of things that we need to do better. I don't think that there is anything that happened today that we can't get better at."

"They shot the cover off of it, and we didn't respond like we normally do. We didn't get the easy shots that we normally do and we didn't get into a rhythm across the board. They have a changing zone, and we were thinking too much and not just playing."

"I think that the frustration at the defensive end carried over to the offensive end."

On the Georgetown perimeter defense:
"We have had pretty good perimeter defense but we were atrocious today. They hit a couple shots early and our frustrations set in and carried over. That's something that we haven't done, nor haven't shown but we will fix that."

Seton Hall University Head Coach Kevin Willard Postgame Quotes

On the complete game turned in by Jordan Theodore:
"He (Jordan Theodore) played fantastic. That is probably the most complete game a point guard has played all year in the league. From points, to assists, to defense, to running the team, he just played fantastic."

On Jordan Theodore driving to the basket and getting to the line at the end of the first half:
"With seven seconds left, we had a timeout, but John (Thompson III) does a good job of changing defenses when you call timeout. You work on that in practice, get the ball in his hands and let him attack and if there is something open he kicks it, if not he tries to get it."

On the way they played against a strong defensive team:
"Watching them on film, that is one of the best defensive teams in the country, by far. To play the way we played and execute the way we did was really good."

On what the team did well to stop the Georgetown offense:
"I thought we did a good job of being patient on them and making them work a little bit. That's one thing, when you defend them, you're going to work. They're going to cut you, they're going to screen you. I thought we did a really good job of making them work and taking 25 seconds on the shot clock."

On what he thought about the student section tonight:
"The one thing I love about being at a small Catholic college that's not a large university is that the student-athletes all root for each other. If you look at the student section, I bet you half of them are from other teams. That's one thing that you really cherish about being at a small school is getting to know all those kids and getting to see them. That is something that is very special about being at a small Catholic college."

On the contributions of Brandon Mobley and Patrik Auda:
"Brandon (Mobley) and Patrik (Auda) played tremendous. When both of those guys are playing that way, Brandon scored the ball well and Patrick defended tremendously, they give us an added punch that's hard to defend because we try to space them out a little bit. They don't get the ball that much but Brandon hit a big jumper against their zone and made a great pass to Fuquan (Edwin) late in the shot clock."

On how the team rebounded from the six-game losing streak:
"I think now the fact that we've been home, we've had good rhythm, we've had four out of six at home, we had five out of seven on the road. No one else in the conference beside Cincinnati had to do that. No one in the conference has had to play three in a row on the road. So I think the fact that we've had four out of six at home is the reason we are playing much better."

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