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Hoyas Conclude Play at Farnsworth Invitational

Sept. 15, 2013

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WASHINGTON - The Georgetown Hoyas opened their fall tennis schedule at the Farnsworth Invitational, a tournament hosted by Princeton in Princeton, N.J. The tournament lasted three days with players representing 14 different schools, which included Binghamton, Bucknell, Buffalo, Columbia, Cornell, Fairleigh Dickinson, Monmouth, NYIT, Penn, Princeton, St. John's, Temple and Yale.


Freshman Jack Murphy represented the Blue & Gray in the Cordish Singles Bracket. Though he lost in his first match, Murphy went on to have a great weekend in his singles consolation bracket. Pennsylvania's Thomas Spratt first defeated Murphy, 6-3; 6-0. But Murphy did not let the loss get to him as he then defeated Bucknell's Jordan Lieb, 6-2; 6-0, in straight sets in the first round of the consolation bracket. He received a bye in the quarterfinals before he defeated Buffalo's Ashwin Sharma, 6-2; 6-5(4), in the semifinals. Murphy went on to win his consolation bracket in straight sets when he defeated Herman Vasconez of Temple, 6-4; 6-4.

Georgetown junior Shane Korber drew the Pagoda Singles Bracket. After losing the first set, Korber defeated Cornell's Bernardo Casares, 5-6; 6-5; 6-3 in the round of 16. He then defeated Zach Katz of Penn in the quarterfinals in straight sets, 6-4; 6-1, to move into the semifinal round. Korber faced Columbia's Eric Rubin in the semifinals where he was defeated, 6-5(8); 6-1.

Hoya junior John Brosens was in the Jadwin Singles Bracket. Brosens lost his first match in the round of 16 to Buffalo's Akil Mehta, 6-5(2); 6-4. Brosens then faced Princeton's Mo El Tonbario in the Jadwin Consolation Bracket and defeated Tonbario, 6-5(4); Ret(inj), who retired in the second set. Brosens moved on to the semifinals after receiving a bye in the quarterfinals. Brosens then defeated Bucknell's Aidan Lynch in straight sets in the semifinals, 6-2; 6-5(5), to move to the final round. He ultimately lost in the finals to Buffalo's Jason Simon, 6-3; 6-3.

Freshman Jordan Portner of Georgetown lost his first match to Pennsylvania's Austin Kaplan, 6-3; 5-6(6); 6-5(4), in a very close battle where Portner almost moved onto the next round in the Lenz Singles Bracket. Portner then defeated Patrick Chase of Yale in the first round of the consolation bracket, 6-2; 6-4. His next opponent was Fairleigh Dickinson's Anaud Valentin in the quarterfinals of the Lenz Consolation. Valentin came back to defeat Portner after Portner won the first set. The match ended with Valentin on top, 5-6(2); 6-5(5); 1-0(8).

In the Jersey Singles Draw, GU's Max Novak, a freshman, received a bye in the round of 16. He was defeated by Belliksir Hicham in the quarterfinals, 6-2; 6-3. He went on to face Yale's James Ratchford in the consolation bracket of the Jersey Singles. Novak was defeated 6-2; 6-1.

Hoya senior captain Casey Distaso lost his first match in the Nassou Singles Draw when he was defeated in the round of 16 by Cornell's Venkat Iyer, 6-5(3); 6-5(4), in a close decision. Distaso's next singles match was in the Nassou Consolation. Distaso lost the first set to Santiago Canete of Temple, but came back to win the second set. Eventually, he was beat by Canete of Temple with a final of 6-1; 4-6; 1-0(11).

Georgetown sophomore Daniel Khanin drew the Tiger Singles Bracket. Khanin ended up winning two sets in his two singles matches. He first faced Princeton's Tom Colautti in the round of 16 where he was ultimately defeated, 6-3; 4-6; 6-4. Khanin moved on to the Tiger Consolation where he was defeated in the first round by Damien David of Buffalo, 6-2; 4-6; 1-0(4).

Blue & Gray Max Novak also participated in the Refuse to Loose Singles Bracket. He was defeated in the round of 16 by NYIT's Thomas Lieb, 6-2; 6-3.


Georgetown freshman pair of Yannik Mahlangu and Jack Murphy found success in the Black Doubles Bracket. The pair first beat MJ Every and Federico Ruiz in the round of 32, 8-7(9). They went onto face and beat Fairleigh Dickinson's Julien Philippe and Jake Whalley in a quick game where Georgetown kept the momentum, 8-1. Mahlangu and Murphy eventually lost in the quarterfinals to Columbia's Shawn Hadavi and Richard Pham, 8-2.

Three doubles partners for Georgetown drew the Orange Doubles Bracket. Sophomore Daniel Khanin and freshman Alex Tropiano won the only match in the Orange Bracket for the Hoyas when they defeated Yale's Kyle Dawson and Tyler Lu, 8-3, in the round of 32. They moved onto the round of 16 where they were defeated by Sebastian Ionescu and Ashwin Sharma of Buffalo with a final of 8-3.

The other two Hoya doubles partners lost in the round of 32 in the Orange Doubles Bracket. Senior Casey Distaso and freshman Max Novak were defeated by Pennsylvania's Jeremy Court and Blain Willenburg in a long match; they lost 8-7(4). Junior Shane Korber and freshman Jordan Portner lost to Cornell's Bernardo Casares and Alex Sidney, 8-3.

Georgetown men's and women's tennis squads are both in action in the upcoming weekend when they host the Georgetown Classic from Fri., Sept. 20 through Sun., Sept. 22.

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